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Star Trek is like pizza. When it's good, it's really good. When it's bad, it's still pretty good.
Generations is like one of those pizzas which the delivery guy has delivered ten minutes late. And when you open the box you find it's gone cold and all the cheese and the toppings have got stuck to the lid.
Excellent analogy! At least you can warm it up and it's somewhat tolerable, if disappointing though! Nemesis and Insurrection are pizzas with the wrong toppings that were probably spit in!

Again, just my opinion.
'The Wrath of Khan Pizza' was accidental alchemy. You know the sort of thing: the right ingredients just managed to fall onto the pizza topping together by complete accident and, *BAM*, serendipity kicked in and we had the most amazing pizza ever. Nobody could quite figure out how they made such a perfect combination, but people couldn't get enough. They just wanted another slice.

However, later attempts to replicate that same recipe under controlled conditions failed. And that's what we were left with in Nemesis. The pizza tasted flat, the base was like cardboard, and Shinzon was an anchovy that was past his Sell By date.
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