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Re: Would you use a transporter?

But you aren't looking at the efficiency of these things.
Nor would the user.

After all, cars are being used today despite being the least efficient method of getting around - they sell because they are comfortable.

An air tram (like we saw Kirk arriving in at the beginning of TMP)
You mean Kirk's personal surface-to-orbit limousine, complete with a stewardess? Nothing even remotely hinting at public transportation or optimization of resources there.

You've got no justification for saying that a transporter is more energy efficient for all distances that are too far to walk when compared with all other forms of transport.
Energy efficiency is passť. These people get their food from replicators, remember? A billion people teleporting to work would make no dent in a power network robust enough to handle fifteen billion people making their breakfast, lunch, afternoon ice cream and dinner out of energy.

Having vehicles around would be a far greater problem. Somebody would have to build, operate, maintain and eventually dispose of this redundant technology, which takes up space better used for flowers and recreational horse carts - while also having the omnipotent transporters around.

After all, if that were the case, they'd just put a bunch of transporter relays throughout space and then beam from planet to planet a la Stargate.
We never heard of it being possible to relay a transporter signal until the Hirogen-controlled network showed up...

But apparently transporters are really energy-efficient anyway: Dana Rogar powers one up with a hand phaser battery, and any dying shuttlecraft has enough oomph left to beam out the occupants. Using starships to go from planet to planet must be the wasteful approach - but one needs the starships, and one apparently doesn't need planet-to-planet commuting.

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