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TOS: The Shocks of Adversity by W. Leisner Review Thread (Spoilers!)

Author William Leisner concludes this year's TOS/5YM marathon with his second Star Trek novel, The Shocks of Adversity. He's no stranger to the TOS characters however, most recently having taken them on an adventure in Ambition, his entry in the Constellations short story collection to commemorate the franchise's 40th anniversary. In the meantime, this novel's release date on May 28th falls neatly into the month of his 14th anniversary as a published Trek scribe. Congrats!

This one's got an unusually long official blurb:

Located far beyond the boundaries of explored space, the Goeg Domain is a political union of dozens of planets and races. When the U.S.S. Enterprise arrives in its territory to investigate an interstellar phenomenon, Commander Laspas of the Domain Defense Corps is at first guarded, then fascinated to discover the existence of an alliance of worlds much like his own, and finds a kindred spirit in Captain James T. Kirk. And when the Enterprise is attacked by the Domain’s enemies, crippling the starship’s warp capability and leaving its crew facing the prospect of a slow, months-long journey home, the Goeg leader volunteers the help of his own ship, offering to combine the resources of both vessels to bring the Enterprise to a nearby Domain facility to make the necessary repairs.

But what at first seems to be an act of peace and friendship soon turns out to be a devil’s bargain, as Kirk and the Enterprise crew learn that there are perhaps more differences than similarities between the Federation and the Domain. When the Goeg’s adversaries strike again, the Enterprise is drawn deeper and inexorably into the conflict, and Kirk begins to realize that they may have allied themselves with the wrong side....
Unfortunately neither Simon & Schuster nor Amazon currently offer a peek at the text.
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