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Re: Janeway's Decision to Kill Tuvix

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I call bullshit. I don't care if you say Tuvok and Neelix were dead or not, you're wrong. You can't have a living Tuvix and claim that the cells that make him sentient, those of a combined Tuvok and Neelix , are dead yet alive at the same time.
It is not the particular cells that define a mind as existing or not existing; it is the particular system of interaction between the neurons. It is not the particular instruments that define a symphony as being played or not played; it is the system of interaction between those instruments.

If the instruments are playing a different composition, then that symphony is over. If the neurons have created a different system of interaction, that mind is over -- which means that person is dead.

I'm glad you don't hate Kate Mulgrew or Janeway, but by your arguments Sisko, like I said above, would be just as much a murderer as you're saying she is. He forced a combined life form, Verad Dax, to become seperated, causing harm to the host for life, to save Dax's life.
You may well be right. And, really, I can think of numerous other examples where one might argue that Sisko should be court-martialed for murder or other similarly horrific crimes -- poisoning the Maquis planet; tricking the Romulans into joining the Dominion War; all but ordering Worf to kill Chancellor Gowron; etc.

I would like you to watch the episode or the Enterprise episode where they cloned Tucker and forced his clone to his death to save Tucker, another close friend of a commanding officer.
I am not going to do that. I do not care enough about this debate to take two hours out of my life for the sake of a tangent to a larger TrekBBS debate (a tangent ["If you think Janeway committed murder, then Sisko/Archer must be, too!"] with which I do not necessarily disagree). I am content to assert that I do not hate Janeway or Mulgrew, but that I disagree with and condemn the character's decision for the reasons I have outlined.
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