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Time to offer up my opinion. For the first 2/3rds of the movie I was having a great time, thought it was leagues better than 09. The opening scene with the volcano was exciting and Kirk violating the PD to save a species from extinction, classic Trek. I didn't even mind that the Khan was in the movie and figured at some point he would become an ally if not at the very least an anti-hero...then Scotty shoots him the back and he's evil again, so much for that and so much for new ideas.

Still I could let that slide, what I couldn't was the brazen way JJ turned the last 3rd of the movie into WOK 2.0. Lines, scenes all remade. Spock's KHAAAN just made the whole scene an even bigger mockery Every last bit of goodwill that had been built up for the last 2 hours was gone and I just wanted it to end.

Maybe I shouldn't be comparing ItD to the prime universe movies. They are separate entities after all. But I'm being forced to make this comparison because JJ and his crew chose to make this comparison. A movie should never make you recall a better film. Until that last half hour I was ready to call this a great film and consider it worthy of the Star Trek name now I can't do that because it only makes me think of WOK and how much better it is.

At this moment I can't really say how I would rate the movie other than it was a great movie brought down by a misguided homage (or ripoff) depending on your interpretation.
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