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What would qualify for you as discussion about "the meat that makes a movie?" Certainly I feel as if I've been talking about nothing else for 4 weeks.
Just character and story, mostly. There has been some discussion on here, don't get me wrong. I was using a broad brush. I just didn't like what seemed like pages and pages of other stuff. I'm sorry if I offended anyone.
My impression is that the early white noise around this movie is a whole lot of fanboys with their knickers in a knot because it's not the same enough, and also, it's not different enough. Peoples' initial impressions -- be they shock or awe. Some egomaniacal creeps trying to SPOIL everyone and a lot of commentary about perceived plot holes.

Once the crazy peoples' attention span is exhausted, the die-hards will probably settle down to dissect the film with greater depth and intelligence. Fortunately, I think there are enough character notes to keep us going for... 4 years or so.
This thread is full of depth and intelligence. And butt.

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