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Re: Chakotay and Janeway romance

She was in full period costume for her Victorian holonovel, and I'd call what she wore in Time and Again a Tunic... She wore a man's suit, or black saboteurs/fisherman's gear in... Was Janeway's character supposed to be a lesbian?

Women who wore trousers back then were burnt as witches

Who was she a lesbian with?

Was her lesbian sexlife part of her backstory or an ongoing property?

As the madame of the brothel/night club/cafe exclusivity would hamper her business model.

I saw a movie called "Bent" staring Clive Owen, a while back, it's about how in the late 30s that the Nazis emptied all the Gay Night Clubs, and sent these men who just wanted to sing, drink, get high, cross dress and fuck each other, off to concentration camps, and how unprepared they were for the culture shock of hard labour.
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