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Re: Pedantic Star Trek discussion #134: Riker's Field Commission

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Isn't it obvious that the promotion was never official since the paper work was either never sent or blocked by Borg subspace interference? It was up to Riker to contact the Starfleet HR department, something that he may not have ever done or mentioned in an official log.

Or perhaps like Decker, Riker was a recipient of a "temporary rank reduction" albeit willingly in this case.
Ouch, Riker's rank is lost cause the Admiral is killed? Hah, that actually makes a lot of sense given the bureaucratic clusterblehs that happen even today.
Maybe, it all depends on whether or not ships rooutinely recorded subspace messages. So whilst the Adm. was killed the Enterprises computers held a record of the Adm. transmission promoting Riker.
Necheyev: Commander... you expect me to believe a dead man promoted you and only -you- have the only surviving record.... right....
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