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Found an article by Jason Bailey. this year, the MPAA released their annual statistical rundown of who goes to the movies and guess what, women go. More than men."

So PLEASE guys, you probably have one more shot to do this right plus the ongoing comic series and maybe an animated series and maybe a live Trek series... Please stop sidelining female characters.
Huh? I don't get it. Did some part of the research say that these women prefer to see women on screen? There was plenty of male eye-candy in this movie, and I enjoyed the characterisations. I just want good characters. I don't care what sex they are.

I don't need all the male characters "balanced out" by corresponding female characters. In fact, I specifically don't want to see characters whom I like and whose chemistry with other characters I appreciate, pushed out of the picture to elevate or shoehorn in some female character. I just want to see characters have a natural, organic place in the whole. I'm not counting.

Also, I don't need to see female 'role models' to feel 'empowered' or 'relevant'. I can relate to male role models just as well, and I am empowered all on my own, thanks very much.
LOL - yeah I've often said that if women weren't so disloyal to their sex they could rule the world.

For me this is about equality, not for the characters but for the actors. In almost all professions you could sue for damages if you were refused a job on the grounds of your sex. Acting gets a pass because, with a few exceptions, it would be silly for a woman to sue because she didn't get the part of a male character. The sexism comes in because they don't write parts for women in the first place.

You may feel empowered but I'm sure actresses with no work do not.
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