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Finally saw it, and as much as I loved and defended the first movie..... this one unfortunately was just too much of a mindless action flick for my taste.

There were definitely some cool sequences in it, and some pretty good laughs (especially early on), but there was very little actual Star Trek in it.

There was no sign of the inspiring, optimistic Star Trek future anymore, no real exploration or philosophy or thoughtful dialogue-- just a lot of running around and fighting and people seeking revenge. Lots and lots of revenge. To the point where it really started to rub me the wrong way after awhile.

And while the overall storyline holds together on a basic level, there were so many liberties taken with the Trek universe and technology and character backstories that it just started to seem utterly random and ridiculous after awhile.

In the end, as much as I really hate to say it, I frankly think Nemesis is a better Trek movie.
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