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"Project: Stormwatch"

2380 - "Project: Stormwatch"

With the A.Q. Alliance only just beginning to flourish & resume it's initial course of expansion, a new agency is emmerging from the Officer Exchange Programs of the Security/Intelligence communities of Starfleet Intelligence, Klingon Empire's Black Fleet, Cardassia's (surviving) agents of the now-defunct Obsiddian Order & reunified Romulan "Tal Shiar" + Vulcan "V'Shar".

It's purpose: to track, study, infiltrate & minimize or altogether neutralize difficult internal/external obstacles (i.e. The Kohn-Ma, Borg Collective, The Dominion, The Orion Syndicate, & it's "Coalition of Non-Aligned Worlds".)

Sanctioned, supported, but never acknowledged....

The beefed-up Rapier-Class U.S.S. Churchill-E & its crew, prepared to take on whatever arises beyond the warp horizon...
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