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Re: Updating FJ's technical manual?

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I'd also be inclined to rework the listings for all those heavy cruisers. It's just way too many unless you come up with a different design altogether for those extra names. Maybe they could be frigates instead of cruisers. That said you might also consider including movie era designs unless the idea is to keep it strictly TOS era centric (including TAS).
This is more or less what the Ships of the Star Fleet did. If you actually read all the fluff and compare their ship names and numbers to those from the FJTM, you'll find that it's basically taking the FJ universe and extending it into the movie era. They assign the other class ship names the FJ included in his TM as various other designs, the Bonhomme Richard, the Achernar, and the Tikopai are all new classes of Heavy Cruiser in SotSF. And they do mention that the initial authorized numbers of ships were more than ended up practical to build. It really does extend the FJ trek universe nicely.

(As a side-bar, For those naysayers who claim that the fleet numbers are too huge and are at variance with Kirk's "twelve lie her in the fleet" line, I present to you this handy infographic I made some time ago to prove that the FJ fleet, does, in fact, stay true to what was seen and heard on screen. It's not directly relevant to this conversation, and it is quite large so here's a link if you would like to see it:

That way I won't hijack the thread. Enjoy.)

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