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Re: Chakotay and Janeway romance

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That's the term I usually use

But when I do someone always brings up Auxum because they get stuck on who came first.
You've made the point just a few times before! While I don't completely agree with it, you definitely articulate the argument well and make some good points. My main beef with the Seven/Chakotay relationship is they just threw it at us with no buildup whatsoever and expected us to find it believable. The Paris/Torres relationship works because hey... it was a bumpy road with a lot of foreshadowing and build up to it.
Suddenly throwing it in at the end of Season 7 with no buildup is the main reason I don't like it. In addition to my personal preference of Janeway ending up with Chakotay.
We agree an awful lot despite the fact I'm often critical of Janeway's decisions and you're an avid fan!

Don't get me wrong, Paris/Torres are not an obvious match. But we see the buildup to it on screen and can see that "Hey, they made that work despite it all."

Chakotay and Seven? Well we get one episode of Seven with a holo Chakotay(who is more life like than the real one) and that's about it before they're lovey dovey.

Chakotay and Janeway? They do have a past to build upon. Resolutions hinted enough at that, though Scorpion did seem that their friendship may be more platonic. Though... being the Janeway critic I am... one disagreement... "Well I guess I am alone." End of romance.
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