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You know what I am beginning to hate? Star Trek fans. I can see not liking this movie for legitimate reasons, too fast to action packed, too much fun. Not enough staff meetings and mapping stars and studying nebluea. But I am reading things online like “McCoy said he delivered baby Gorn! Starfleet didn’t have first contact with the Gorn until 2267!”

This constant stream of Comic Book Guy nerd rage makes me embarrassed to love be a fan.

And I love that they say JJ has too much action. This movie is based on a series that the lead character got into a fist fight every week, tore his shirt open and once ran up a wall and tackled an Andorian.
I agree with you. All the talk about Khan's ethnicity, the ships in Marcus' office, ship and engine room design, alien redesign of the Klingons, liking or disliking the homages to Star Trek II, none of this applies to the plot, theme, characters, emotional appeal of the movie, the consistency in the structure, etc. This is a movie, not a universe. I don't care that an engine deck has been redesigned. I didn't even notice. So it looks like the Kelvin. What is the difference? Would it be a better movie if it didn't change?

As for the action, it was an adventure show. I haven't forgotten that, but my taste is Next Generation, where they would talk with great authority, on the problems facing people. I would rather have 2 hours of that, then 2 hours of ships exploding. There is more of that in this movie, as it has the theme of "vengeance" than in the last. Even named a ship after it. But would I rather see an exploding deck and a ship destroyed at warp, crash into a city, or would I rather see some of the emotional fallout from what transpired in the last 2 hours, I go with the latter every time. I want to know the characters and to have them more fully flesh out a theme. The action in this movie seems to have no symbolism, and action scenes I can get behind are reluctant defense (which Starfleet is supposed to be doing) and those that serve the other aspects of the movie. It moves the plot, but there is no reason why Harrison jumped through a glass pane instead of using the door. It just looks cool. That's not something I like. It means I am supposed to be enthralled with seeing someone run and the movie seems to stop, for large chunks of time, in telling a story to make something explode. That's what I don't like.
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