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Seriously, I have seen this movie three times AND I like a nice woman's body as much as the next person. I do not recall any gratuitous ass scenes and if you are saying that you could see her ass because she was walking away from the camera.. SO? You can see everyone's asses in that position. What was gratuitous about it?
Her booty was in the upper right corner as she was walking and the camera followed her with it perfectly staying in that portion of the frame. In my case, I'm not complaining! I was very impressed...with the camera work!

But overall, I felt the same way about this film that I did about Avatar. I loved, loved, loved the first half. But then it just went into typical action flick mode. And that's about when they went overboard lifting dialogue from TWOK, I suppose as an homage, but I just couldn't take it. Too corny. And Spock yelling "Khan..." maybe others thought that was clever, but it didn't work for me. My wife and my buddy who watched it with me were not annoyed because they have the benefit of not having TWOK committed to memory. And what is it with Khan's skull-crushing obsession? Plus, prime Spock's appearance was so random. So I really don't know how to judge this movie since I really liked the first half but was let down by the rest...
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