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Re: Smallville Season 11, it"s happening...

I just finished reading Smallville: Season 11 #47 not sixty seconds ago and I'm already yappin' about it! What can I say? It's been several weeks since I've read the last chapter of Argo and sadly I can hardly remember what happened in it? When there's a delay between issues and we get the fill ins I really need to do myself a favor and reread those issues before resuming the narrative. Anyway enough of that noise, on with the review!

This issue Superman and Supergirl are reunited. We get a bit of a recap of Supergirl's final appearance on Smallville and then learn about how she arrived in the future and what she's been doing since. It's actually a lot of fun how the Kryptonian's aren't the scumbags in this story. Earthgov is. They're always been a bunch of xenophobic twits and in Argo they're at their twittiest. I mean what kind of moron government would pick a race with a race of Supermen and leave North Korea out of it!

As far as the character's go I love Kara's place in this story and I love her part in the fight between Earth and New Krypton. It promises to be quite dramatic while still being tons of fun. There's a lot of chuffah with the Legion on New Krypton that leads to a fun little cliffhanger involving Supes and the Kryptonians that I hope doesn't play out as a retread of Season 9s Zod plotline.

The artwork is kinda meh in this issue. Clark and Kara look like generic character designs rather than looking like Tom Welling and Laura Vandervoort. I can get past the weak character art but it's difficult because the cover art captures Laura's likeness perfectly.

By and large I liked this issue though I really feel at a disadvantage because I fucked up and didn't catch myself back on the story before starting. Not Bryan Q's fault. All my bad! Looking forward to where this story is going! Smallville: Season 11 is my crack!

I needs me another fix o' the good stuff!
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