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Re: Is Star Trek (the original series) aging really badly?

I've never understood the mentality of these people who say they find something hard to watch just because it's "old". For me, it isn't a leap of faith to be able to put myself in the mindset of the time it was made and watch it in that context. Why compare something from 1966 to something from 2013?

I've found it the same with lots of stuff. I've known people who can't sit down and enjoy the 1960s Batman or the 1950s Adventures of Superman series... sure, if somebody doesn't like something that's just a matter of taste, but when the best they can come up with tO explain it away is the phrase "It's so OLD!", then I tend to wonder if the problem is the mindset of the person watching it, rather than anything being wrong with the material itself.

IMO television doesn't "age"... it matures. Gracefully.
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