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Re: Chakotay and Janeway romance

She'll mock his religion.

Until she investigates it's tenants.

Then Seven will take a few steps back in terror.

Chakotay thinks it's novel and spiritual to create temporary collectives.

He's on the Verge of generating a new Borg-like threat.

It's like as if she was a recovering heroine addict, and married some guy only to discover that he's a got a monkey on his back too, except that he's not in recovery at all.

Sevens only recourse would be to shoot Chakotay in the head, destroy the technology, and then apologise to Janeway.

Then there's the other thing.

The group sex thing.

When Chakotay was a Borg initiate in Unity, he had group sex and it felt damn good.

He's going to keep pressuring Seven until she snaps him in two or she submits to becomes a central proccessor for an orgy.

Which does ask if Chakotay was really after Seven for Seven the person and not for just how her tech can make 7 people think that they have several genitals of each gender all having sex with themsellf from completely different directions and perspectives.

As if a regualar sex holds a candle?
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