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Re: If you wrote the next one, which original episode would you revisi

As mentioned before by me, I want to see the Star Trek novels be adapted into movies, the same way plots and elements from comic books were used to make up the frame work of the Nolanverse Batman movies. I would also love to see a new take on the Mirror Universe as well.

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Just for a lark, perhaps they could do some riff on "Metamorphosis" and have the crew encounter the "lost" Zefram Cochrane, with James Cromwell reprising the role. I think that would be fun as a side story; it certainly couldn't carry the plot of the movie.
By the time this movie would be made, Cromwell would be quite old to play Cochrane, I think (never mind the vegetarian diet he's on.) A better idea might be to adapt the novel Federation as a movie, with Cromwell playing the aged Cochrane (the younger version could be played by somebody else.)

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Anyone at Paramount, and I do mean ANYONE, who brings in those Space Hippies is getting tossed out the nearest airlock. Period.

The episode was the shittiest ever devised for Star Trek: TOS, and didn't say anything that wasn't said in 'This Side of Paradise'. Also, the idea that hippies would exist in the 23rd century is absurd.

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