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Re: Build-Up to The Office Finale

The finale just milked all the sentimentality it spent nine years earning. Nothing wrong with that.

My feeling about The Office is that, seasons two and three were spectacular, season four was horrible, then it gradually built itself back up to 'good' over the rest of the run. I think in the middle of the run it got terrible, but starting from the point Sabre showed up it got back to being one of the best network shows.

It's awesome to see Michael got to have kids like he wanted. Is that Steve Carrell's real hair and they usually dye it black, or did they dye his hair gray for the finale?

I'm glad there's not a literal film crew in Parks & Rec, of course. But it worked for The Office.

I'm also glad Dwight finally got the joke about himself.

I would have loved the final scene to be Dwight putting something of Jim's in jello.

As for Jim and Pam, I'm surprised all the people are blaming Pam for everything considering she was the one raising the children every day. You can't blame Jim for wanting to get a job he really cared about, but you also certainly can't blame Pam for being angry.

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