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granted the federation is still relatively new (they were what? a hundred years old by the end of Into Darkness?) but still section 31 should have been disbanded. it cause nothing but trouble.
Hopefully, this incident brings them out of the shadows and Starfleet disbands them when people find out they exist.
I expect a very public disbanding may a part of Section 31's plans. Marcus is far too easy with throwing around Section 31's name, even if he did think those he told were never coming back. How does he know they didn't send off an email about it prior to their planned deaths?

But if it disbands there will be speeches full of Roddenberry ideals about not losing what makes us human as we try and preserve humanity blah blah and everyone will pat themselves on the back and Section 31 will continue, more covert than ever.
^This is brilliant.

To layer the conspiracy even further one could picture a Section 31 that saw Marcus getting a little too power hungry and decided to cut Khan loose to expose him and have the problem take care of itself.

If a war with the Klingons ensued as a result of the chaos, then that's what they wanted all along anyway.
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