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Re: Generations was...

It's Soran... though Picard getting his butt kicked in 10 seconds by Sauron is far less embarrassing! Soran was an interesting villain in the fact you could almost sympathize with him, but he's tied to the plot element of the Nexus which is just... lame at best. Why didn't Picard just say.. I want to leave and go back to the Enterprise when I'm talking to Soran in Ten Foward? Then call in Worf and arrest him. The end, Kirk lives, Enteprise lives and no stars get destroyed.

Hey, if you enjoy it, more power to you and you're entitled to it. You did ask opinions though! I voted it middle of the pack among the Trek movies as it wasn't facepalmingly bad to me like say Nemesis, 09, or Insurrection.

It's the second best of the TNG movies to me... but considering the bar the last two set, that's not really saying much!
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