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Re: Generations was...

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...honestly. a BADLY written/scripted film. They had a couple two parters ("Best of Both Worlds" and "All Good Things") that would have made a WAY better film.
I don't think best of both worlds was that good TBH, BLASTPHEMY! Too 1-dimensional in it's story structure. You just knew every had to get out alive in the end. The only part of All Good Things was Data's future hair and the poke scene.

Generations is the only film that had the guts to change the status-quo. I think what it boils down to was that it's a film that showed how people actually live in that time, whether it was the klingon sisters wanting revenge, data pining for LaForge, or Picards family turmoil while trying to captain a ship, Sauron trying to get back to the nexus. It was all personal to each character, I genuinely felt for them.

I feels like every star trek film since has had a requirement of a baddie that wants to, at least by the end, only destroy the Enterprise. What...? An enemy that doesn't want to destroy the Enterprise... can such a thing exist?!

There's more character development in Generations tis why I like it.
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