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Re: Chakotay and Janeway romance

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That's the term I usually use

But when I do someone always brings up Auxum because they get stuck on who came first.
You've made the point just a few times before! While I don't completely agree with it, you definitely articulate the argument well and make some good points. My main beef with the Seven/Chakotay relationship is they just threw it at us with no buildup whatsoever and expected us to find it believable. The Paris/Torres relationship works because hey... it was a bumpy road with a lot of foreshadowing and build up to it.

As for Auxum? Who cares? Seven certainly didn't and I don't blame her. Adolescent minds, puberty and the fact her only choices were creepy guy trying to grope her in a jungle or the snarling Klingon... well who can blame her?
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