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Re: The Dambusters 70 years on

^ Unless they remake it for a modern audience (which would either be pretty pathetic or so altered into a "Saving Private Ryan" that it would be an entirely different movie that just happened to be set in the same historical battle), it would probably fail badly at the box office despite costing a very large sum to make, since such a movie requires a pretty big cast and expensive sets. It would probably be very inexpensive to make CGI alterations so the existing movie version of "Battle of the Bulge" isn't so historically inaccurate (American tanks battling newer American tanks in Arizona or something), which might work well financially because it would be going direct to cable anyway.

Sometimes you have to ask yourself "What Would George Lucas Do?" Then ask yourself "What Would Quentin Tarantino Do?" Then ask yourself "What Would Jerry Bruckheimer or Michael Bay Do?" Then ask yourself "What Would Steven Spielberg Do?" Then don't do any of those things because you have too much taste and too small a budget and just update the scenery and the tanks in the original movie.
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