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The new Star Trek game is highly underrated

I know this game has received a mixed to poor reception, but after finishing a play-through with a friend of mine, I have to say that I enjoyed it quite a bit. It mostly plays like a co-op cover shooter, but the controls are tight and the action is usually quite fun, except for one frustrating ship battle section. The hacking mini games are also a decent diversion, although I was getting a bit sick of them by the end. The voice acting is obviously top-notch, considering all of the actors from the two Abrams movies voice their characters. The story isn't though-provoking or deep, but it is exciting, and the re-imagined Gorn are quite menacing, although I would have preferred a bit more nuance in their depiction, rather than as just a snarling, aggressive, militant race.

One annoying aspect is that whenever you continue from where you left off in a co-op game, it reverts to single player, and the second player is unable to join in. We had to go to the chapter select to pick up where we left off, but that meant that causes the second player to always lose their XP and upgrades. That is a pretty serious design oversight, considering the game was built and advertised around the co-op experience. All in all, I would recommend the game to anyone who wants another adventure with the Arbams Trek cast, or who just likes a fun action game.
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