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Ain't that the truth? There were at least two scenes where I thought they were going to start making out. But don't kid yourself - that's why the whole WTF? Uhura/ Spock romance is there. Can't have anyone thinking our boys are gay, even though Kirk's overly aggressive womanizing screams "in the closet"!
And sometimes a womanizer is just a womanizer. Don't get me wrong. If Abrams had decided to make Kirk and/or Spock gay as characters--I would have no problem with that (no more than I had with a woman as Starbuck in BSG, or with a black Norse god in Thor orů). And I've definitely seen other characters in film and TV programmes who are in danger of falling out "of the closet". I just didn't get that vibe in this case. Of course, everyone comes away from experiencing art with their own take, but I didn't come away with that feeling.
I've been having "that feeling" about Kirk and Spock for 30 years so being objective is hopeless.

I do think that element of fandom was played to by this movie quite deliberately.
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