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Re: Spoiler whore's thread! (enter at your own ris

Nice! Its always nice seeing the cast be themselves.

Thinking about the whole DNA thing, its going to be a bugger for all those who've been screaming that Roslin's a cylon. After this, I guess depending on how the test works exactly, its more than likely that if she were tested, she'd come up positive (assuming the fetal DNA isn't absorbed). What a great way to hide if you were one!
And just for clarity I don't think Roslins a cylon at all, I just thinks its going to be interesting seeing the implications of this. Like I'd love to see if Roslin changes her tune with Cylons a little, softens her attitude a bit. Whats the chances she'll do the whole, "Throw that thing out the airlock" again without any hesitation. How will Adama and other people in the fleet "see" her? I could imagine a fringe group coming out with, "the President's a cylon now, we can't trust her."

And as for the bigger ship tailing the RTF with the basestars. Why not have a bigger ship. If you were the Cylon God wouldn't you want a nicer ship than a basestar. Okay, smaller could be nicer. But you know gods. Always wrapped up in their sense of self-importance.
(And no I don't know that what the other ship is, just speculating.)
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