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As she's walking towards the Klingons, her ass is in the shot. It's about 5-10 seconds of just watching her walk with the Klingons in the background.
I was too busy thinking about scared she obviously was, and how she was pulling herself together to also think "oh that is her ass". Because you know when people walk in front of you of course you see their ass. Maybe you just noticed this because you like her ass?
[sarcasm]Yeah, it's my fault.[/sarcasm]
I'm with teacake. While I had no problem noticing the Carol Marcus lingerie, the Uhura Klingon scene had a LOT more going on than just her ass. If that's what you saw ... well, then that's what you were focusing on.

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I'm still scared that Star Wars will keep the third film from us.
I have to admit, as much as I am thrilled about Abrams and Star Wars, I, too, am a bit apprehensive. But as far as I know, as yet he's on for just SW VII, so perhaps he'll still have some love for the next Trek film.
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