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- faced off against a band of Klingon warriors while the men in the away-team hid in the ship?

- beamed down to a moving garbage scow where she shot and incapacitated the main villain of the movie?
I was glad to see Uhura get some screen time BUT the fact it was just her and a bunch of men on the ship is symptomatic of the problem the franchise has with its gender roles.

Putting Uhura on the volcano mission and beaming her down to help Spock instead of a few security guards was silly. Putting her on those missions alongside qualified personnel would have been fine.
Yes it was completely silly to have her on the volcano mission and insane to beam her onto that transport rather than a security dude. But it was also good to see them giving the women something to do other than open hailing frequencies. It doesn't make a huge amount of sense but it's better than the alternative.

When are we going to have a woman villain?

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