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Moore/Behr Interview: Studio wanted to get rid of Bashir/Move Station

Hello my fellow Niners!

I did a great on-camera interview with Ronald D. Moore and Ira Steven Behr last year which we've just made public at TrekCore this week. Part 1 mainly focuses on their introduction to Star Trek with TNG, but in Part 2 we discuss the move to DS9 and there are some very interesting revelations from Behr:

* Michael Piller originally told Behr the premise for DS9, describing it as "edgier, funnier, grittier, more character driven" and then said after 2 years he would hand the show over to Behr.
* Immediately after the pilot, people were saying "Make the show more TNG-like." "don't make it so dark"
* At the end of Season 1, the studio said "Should we put engines on the space station and fly it through the wormhole? Do we need the character of Bashir?"
* Behr describes the show being on a knife edge at one point, but luckily they were able to weather it.

The full interview is here:
Part 1 -
Part 2 -
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