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I didn't love it, but it was better than I thought it would be. Much better than ST09. But it still felt lightweight. Kirk is much quippier than I care for, though they seem to be letting him earn some gravitas via experience, which is fine. I'm all for some humor but the crew exchanges frequently felt more in tone with Farscape than Star Trek, in fact, now that I think about it, the Abrams team writers' Kirk seems much more Jon Crichton than Captain Kirk, though there were several moments when Pine managed to evoke Kirk pretty effectively.

My basic conclusion - enjoyable movie, and there appears to be some real hope for this series as Star Trek. Like most new incarnations it may simply be taking its time finding it feet. Right now I feel like I did after suffering through most of the awful season 1 of TNG and finally getting 11001001 - I see an inkling of interesting Trek coming to life. Now, if the next movie can manage to be Measure of a Man, we'll be in business.

By which I mean, they need to lay off redoing TOS material and actually create something original. New versions of Trek are worthless until they find their own voice. There was plenty of set up for Klingons and Khan's return, but here's hoping they can strike out on their own for at least one picture.

Meanwhile, this very doubtful Trekkie regained a little hope today. I might even go see it again.
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