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It's interesting to see some actual resaerch confirms what I've been grumbling about in Trek. Here's what it says about STID:

"Star Trek Into Darkness has two women as well: Zoe Saldana’s Uhura, who is tough and smart, although most of her screen time is devoted to the particulars of her romantic relationship with Spock, and the new character of Dr. Carol Marcus (Alice Eve), a brilliant scientist who nonetheless gets an underwear scene that plays like the dictionary definition of “gratuitous.”"

Actually, he forgot the mom, two hookers, and some nurses, although all their dialogue added together was less than Keenser's, plus Aisha Hind's bald navigator.
I think you're making something out of nothing. While I agree that Marcus' underwear scene was gratuitous, I think the idea of changing the whole scenes just to include conversations with female characters is foolhardy. Uhura and Spock's relationship was a part of showing how Spock's emotions were getting the better of him and how she was worried that he may be suicidal after what happened in 09.

It's not this production crew's fault that the TOS crew had one woman with a large role in it, they obviously weren't willing to change everything just for the sake of a "perception" of equality. Now forgive me if I seem callous, but it's the same problem with people who want to put a gay character in and, almost literally, shove it in our faces. Showing equality doesn't mean pandering to that part of the population, it means showing that they too can be a part of something, and in that sense, Star Trek has succeeded.
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