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Re: Chakotay and Janeway romance

Her boyfriends name, he might have been her husband, was Auxum.

He should have been moving heaven and earth to get back to her side.

And after wading through oceans of blood, completing a number of Hercluean tasks, of course he had to walk in on Seven and Chuckles snuggling.


It's not being on the other side of the galaxy even means anything any more when you have access to a Transwarp hub.


You know who I always felt sorry for?


Typical ordinary guy, probably thought his chances at tricking Seven into falling in love was about as good as anyone elses. Certainly better than Harry's.


Then there's this stupid transporter accident afterwhich there's a 29th century Drone wandering around with his face... Is it his son? Is it his brother? Is it an abomination who needs to be put down? Why does everyone like the Drone better than they like him?

Surely there's only room for one Mulchaey on Voyager!

(Unfortunately that may be be true, but it's the original Mulchaey there is no room for. Poor bastard.)

But this #### with his face is simultaneously her son, her best friend and if you squint, it's almost a certainly they're a week or two away from being lovers, at which point SHE'LL BE MAKING BABIES WITH HIS DNA!!! HE HAS RIGHTS!

Surely it's rape if she's having his babies without his permission?

But anyhow...

Dudes been blacklisted.

Too painful to look at him.

Reminds the girl of the cheap copy.

No Seven for Mulchaey.

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