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There's a lot of the voice over in the trailers that doesn't appear in the movie. Either they trimmed a scene or two, or the dialogue was written for the trailer.

Certainly Pike's dialogue in the trailers isn't lifted from his scenes - the gist is the same, but different wording and attitude.
Which was a whole lot better (that was one of my favourite scenes). I guess the rest will be extras on the deluxe 3-D/2-D Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Copy release in November.
Just gotta say it again. Greenwood was SMOKIN' in that scene.

Where the trailer version was oratory, this was a complete bollocking, an emasculation, a man taking on a child. I felt every ounce of Pike's experience, his frustration, his disappointment. And I have to hand it to Pine, after a few token justifications which, on first utterance he believed wholeheartedly, Kirk just looked shattered, chastened, beaten. He looked so completely deflated that it made sense that Pike immediately went to Marcus to reinstate Kirk to active duty, then came looking for him to reignite his confidence in himself.

Then in the scene, I just believed Pike was in terrible agony. That shallow puffing, that glassy-eyed stare of the nearly gone putting every last ounce of energy into just hanging on. And then he managed to look completely corpse-like and lifeless with a single tear running down his cheek.

Tour de force performance. In every thing BG does he is completely convincing. He can be a thoroughly terrifying villain or a magnificent hero. I am SO sad to have lost him in this universe.
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