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Re: Would you use a transporter?

I seem to recall that one argument from earlier on in the thread mentioned that the universe is just a series of distinct snapshots anyway, so just moving some of the snapshots over to somewhere else wouldn't really make a difference. I'm not really sure that that would be the case. I'd like to think of the paths of particles through the universe could be expressed as a line, and one can zoom in and in on a line and still find a line, rather than a collection of pixels, in an ideal situation.

Actually, when I think of it this way, it seems that some kind of quantum teleportation method that would instantaneously shift a collection of particles a specific distance in space from their current location would in fact still be precisely the same object in every way, rather than just the same shape, material, memories, or information. This, of course, however, is obviously not how the Star Trek transporter is shown to work.
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