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There's a lot of the voice over in the trailers that doesn't appear in the movie. Either they trimmed a scene or two, or the dialogue was written for the trailer.

Certainly Pike's dialogue in the trailers isn't lifted from his scenes - the gist is the same, but different wording and attitude.
It seems to happen quite a bit. In the IM3 trailers, the Mandarin had dialogue that was not in the movie, for example.

I've wondered a time or two where this type of dialogue comes from: older versions of the script, scenes edited out of the movie, dialogue recorded for the trailer?

But... I've never been meticulous enough, or honestly really cared enough, to actually try to match it up with DVD extras or whatever.

One other thing: was that actually an A.I. or mechanical crew member on the bridge, or did I misread that? Thought he was pretty cool.
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