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Found an article by Jason Bailey.

It's interesting to see some actual resaerch confirms what I've been grumbling about in Trek. Here's what it says about STID:

"Star Trek Into Darkness has two women as well: Zoe Saldana’s Uhura, who is tough and smart, although most of her screen time is devoted to the particulars of her romantic relationship with Spock, and the new character of Dr. Carol Marcus (Alice Eve), a brilliant scientist who nonetheless gets an underwear scene that plays like the dictionary definition of “gratuitous.”"

Actually, he forgot the mom, two hookers, and some nurses, although all their dialogue added together was less than Keenser's, plus Aisha Hind's bald navigator.

Still, he goes on to say:

"And the other excuse that you’ll often hear is the old “hey, we’re just giving people what they want” standby — that the reason we see so many movies aimed squarely at teenage boys and thus unconcerned with girls (EW GROSS COOTIES) is that they’re the audience that’s going to the movies, so Hollywood is merely making the comic book flicks and gross-out comedies that they demand. Trouble is, that notion is bulls***. Earlier this year, the MPAA released their annual statistical rundown of who goes to the movies — and guess what, women go. More than men."

So PLEASE guys, you probably have one more shot to do this right plus the ongoing comic series and maybe an animated series and maybe a live Trek series... Please stop sidelining female characters.

Let's see the re-imaging of the Chapel/Korby story in the ongoing comic, lets see Janice Rand hand evil Kirk his a** on a plate and next time they need a psychiatrist, lets see Helen Noel, the next time they need an astrobiologist, let's see Ann Mulhall, and let's see Ilia and Chief Difalco put some time in at the navigator's console.
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