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Ideas for episodes

Was reading in SFX that the original idea for Course:Oblivion was for the crew to get home to Earth (cue celebrations, fireworks etc) and then the twist at the very end.....they're clones

There was also apparently an idea about a planet that watched the adventures of Voyager and copied everything about it and created a whole culture based on what they saw which never happened either

Personally, i like the original idea for Course: Oblivion and definitely think it would have been a lot better than the episode we actually got

So does anyone have any episodes they would liked to have seen in Voyager (new ideas or continuations of ideas already seen in other episodes)

The one i'd like to see would be an episode where the universal translator stops working (TBH i'm amazed Star Trek has never done this episode already....i guess they like to avoid questions about the universal translators.....countless computer malfunctions and not once has it affected the universal translators....hhmmm) So basically, the humans can only understand each other, the Vulcans, Bolians etc likewise, Neelix...god knows....and of course the Doctor could understand'd basically be a bottle episode with Janeway, Paris, Tuvok, Vorik, Neelix, Chell, maybe some random alien guests and The doctor (all done for laughs of course)
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