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Re: Chakotay and Janeway romance

R. Star wrote: View Post
That would've made for sense than Chakotay and Seven hooking up out of the blue in season 7.
I extremely dislike the Chakotay/7 ship... not even because I'm hardcore J/C (well maybe a little bit hehe). But yeah...I just... nooooo. Don't ask me why though. I just can't see it working. I know Seven changed a lot by Season 7 and she is one of my favorite characters on Trek ever, but just not a perfect match for Chakotay, I think.

And yeah to other poster --> I would have been fine with a subtle hint at something more... something at least maybe *suggesting* the idea of them getting together once they were back on Earth.

I understand if they couldn't be together because they served on a Starship together... but they could have become more than friends once they were back on Earth and taking a deserved, long vacation from space travel.
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