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Re: Build-Up to The Office Finale

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Until last night I had absolutely no idea whatsoever that Creed Bratton was a fictional version of a real person named Creed Bratton. I just assumed they'd just named the character after the actor for no apparant reason.
A few years ago i got the urge to hear an old 1960's hit called, "Pushin' to Hard", by the Grass Roots. As I listened to the song on Youtube I scrolled down to read the comments on the song. One of them said something like, 'look at Creed. He looks as sneaky as he does on The Office'. I went back up and took a good look at the band and sure enough it was Creed from the office. That was so weird because I remember the Grass Roots and used to like them.

After that I noticed that in the episode that began with the song (can't recal the name of the song), they showed Creed playing guitar. How appropriate. Pretty cool to, that they let Creed play himself, kind of.

Liked the finale a lot, although I missed most of the last two seasons. Can someone tell me what was going on with Darryl. Was he trying to keep secret that he was really successfull or something? If so, why?

One last thing; did Erin and Andy break up?

Loved Michael's appearance. I was completely unspoiled and I believed the announcement that he wouldn't make an appearance. Very nicely done.
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