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Re: i need your help please it is about new star trek club

to this person i was not thinking of TNG i was thinking of TOS and not any other part of star trek tv shows.
to me and my friend it judt don't look so good any way.
thank you for your messge.

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i was thinking of this if a person like them i will let them to be in it but i will never force any one to be in it. this and my friend is just think about them. if i can get over 250 more people we will let them put them on. but it will be more then red it will be in orange, yellow, gold, blue, peach color.
So if you get over 250 people I will be allowed to wear a peach mini skirt? Awesome.
As long as they aren't the man skirts from season 1 of TNG. Bad, bad idea.
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