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Re: STID "tracking" for $85-90 million opening [U.S. box office]

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I think it's more likely they'd just not increase the budget, if it does well overseas and gets 200m+ along with 200m+ domestic it should be okay. I don't think Abrams is vital, I think Brad Bird would be a good choice as he did well with MI.
I would like Brad Bird as well. Apparently he was first choice on Star Wars but he passed and now JJ is doing it. Bird is committed to directing a movie that is released in Summer 2015 so there would be no chance of doing Star Wars without dropping the movie he is doing and he didn't want to.

It would be nice for a director to come in and say he actually was/is a big Trek fan because he would have one up on JJ straight away. Can you imagine the internet meltdown if JJ said he didn't like Star Wars?
If Bird is down to direct a film released in 2015, how does that make him any more possible than JJ? Star Wars is also out 2015.
I mean for Star Wars.

Lucas and Kathleen Kennedy approached Brad Bird first but he is currently making Tomorrowland for release in summer 2015 which is the same date they want for Star Wars, he said no.

JJ was asked when he was in the middle of post-production for Star Trek Into Darkness and was not committed to any film after STID is complete, therefore he is free to direct a movie coming out in Summer 2015, unlike Brad Bird.

Paramount want Trek in 2016 and I doubt they will wait for another 4 years next time, assuming the box office is enough.
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