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Oh yeah, something I forgot to mention. Uhura ACTUALLY GOT BE A LINGUIST.

Some of the shots were just gorgeous, too. The one where the Enterprise plummets beneath the clouds, and then rises up was just stunning.
I was happy that she was stronger in this one, but we still had to gratuitous butt-shot when she was approaching the Klingons. Took me out of the movie. Small complaint, but we don't need to be reminded Zoe Saldana is a beautiful woman. She shows that on-screen. I thought her performance on Kronos was great. From standing up to Kirk and demanding that she talk to them, to her conversation in Klingon with them, what was said about "honor," to the confusion over Harrison taking out every Klingon and the fear that was on her face when she approached the landing party. The suspension of disbelief during that scene was at an all-time high. I really enjoyed Kronos.

But I have a question, on another topic. Why would Khan put his crew in danger by not securing the torpedoes before he started killing people? And if they are launched, wouldn't it kill his crew? I mean, we saw the things explode, destroying the Vengeance. So didn't he put them more at risk by trying to kill Starfleet officers and NOT having the torpedoes? It's been a day and I wasn't thinking about it until this morning. So I am asking in earnest if there's something I missed.
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