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Wow, I'm actually going to post something outside of treklit.

Just saw it (twice back 2 back) & loved it. I know a bunch of fans are likely unhappy with our villan & some of the reused themes but I enjoyed this movie, may be my personal top three behind FC, TWK, & 09. Loved the emotion, the flow, the action. Loved how McCoy did more than diagnose someone, Scotty got into a fight, Chekov was under under utilized but had good scenes. Oh, & Uhura kicked ass. The scene in Mudd's shuttle was funny & touching.

Someone elsewhere got a sense of The DS9 two-parter involving Red Squad (Homefront & Paradise Lost) & I saw hints of that as well. Sure the bad admiral theme came back, seemed like every other captain in TOS was dirty. Loved the fact Nimoy had a cameo & the tribute at the end, that was awesome.

Looking forward to seeing it again.
Long live DS9!
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