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Re: Eurovision Song Contest 2013 - Malmö

I doubt that. Because of so many countries the odds of no-one chucking your entry at least a point are slim. Hasn't been one in the final since UK 2003.

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The good news is that there isn't anything offensively awful. To my ears that is. And there isn't much kitsch. Greece is the only thing approaching novelty and it's rather fun, being called 'Alcohol Is Free'. Make financial jokes at your leisure.
Bad news surely?
Well by that I mean something I couldn't stand to spend 3 minutes listening to (which is rare as I'm fairly open-minded about these things but there were a couple last year). The entries I'm slightly sad about getting through are bland ballady numbers which blocked some really interesting ethnic stuff that would have livened up the final a lot. Some of the ballads are great this year, some are not.

Totally novelty entries are fine if there's a small number so we don't get overloaded - the contest is slowly but surely winning back its credibility work with me here.

This year has provided about 12 songs I'll probably continue to listen to after the contest in a 'really genuinely like these songs' way and I like it like that, I'd far prefer that to a night of shit songs (ha ha 'that's what it is anyway'... my music taste is not like that ) . Besides, half those songs have kooky staging so you'll remember them - it should be a fun night.

Also Turkey (who weren't taking part this year anyway but..) have decided to not broadcast the final because Finland is including a lesbian kiss in their performance. Um.. yeah.
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