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I saw the American IMAX 3D premiere last night. I went in wanting to love this movie. I avoided all the spoilers. I left incredibly disappointed. I found the movie pandering, gimmicky, poor attention to detail, and just a lazy treatment. I can deal with my beloved franchise being re-booted or re-imagined. I just wish it was being done with original stories.

Even with the far-fetched and poorly thought out volcano scenes, I found what immediately followed to show promise. However, my hopes were quickly dashed. And then, there seemed a moment where Khan actually may have been re-invented as a sympathetic character who took offense to Section 31 using him and his crew for their own purposes. Again, those hopes were soon dashed as he quickly reverted back to a two dimensional villain.

All in all a fun sci-fi movie for new fans. But, I stand by my opinion of it being lazy writing, pandering, gimmicky, and just lacking the heart of the original material.

My grade = C to C-
I agree it would have worked better had they made Khan somewhat sympathetic and had Him and his crew exiled at the end of the film
Actually, when Khan was explaining how he had been the only one unfrozen, and then his people used to blackmail him, he was somewhat sympathetic - he was doing everything he could to protect his "family." And the fact that ALL were put into a cryogenic "prison" was a form of exile - only they won't be able to come back in 20+ years and bother the crew.
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