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Except that in the prior two occasions we met Khan he has consistently been a crazed megalomaniac bent on global domination who tortures and kills people when he doesn't get what he wants. The one and only time Khan comes across as "sympathetic" it's when he's playing his little violin to get Kirk to help him, primarily because Kirk has him by the balls but also because Marcus has Kirk equally by the balls.

Much like TOS, in fact; Khan's one redeeming characteristic is that he's a charming son of a bitch. That doesn't actually mitigate the fact that he's a murdering psychopath with delusions of grandeur.
HaventGotALife wrote: View Post
I am curious what your thoughts were about the vengeance theme?
I'll just repeat what I said earlier: I do not care what reasons Khan might give for doing what he did. I don't care what he's been through - it doesn't make what he does "right". He simply does not have the right to vengeance - his actions during the Eugenics Wars (and in TOS) show what kind of person he is. Khan has no right to lecture anyone about how Admiral Marcus held his fellow Augments for ransom. As we saw in TOS, Khan simply has no compassion of any kind, and has no concept of caring for other people. Yeah, yeah, he called McGivers his "beloved wife", but we also saw how Khan actually treated her as well. It was just one step removed from assault.

As for Khan being forced to work for Marcus? KHAN DESERVES IT.. He deserves everything he got from Section 31. I'm no fan of that group or its motives in general, but as far as Khan being forced to work for them? Good! Let the murdering bastard get his! He can't possibly make up for all the hell he and his Augments put Earth through, but it'd be a start.
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