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I support the President and voted for him, but the one thing I find very objectionable about him is that he has not differentiated himself from Bush much with regard to national security. So I very much appreciate the Star Trek writers taking a stand on the shit that's gone down in my country since 9/11/2001. I was really shocked at something so explicit - and it's not momentary or cursory; Kirk comes back to the theme in his address at Starfleet which ends the film.

Yeah, I enjoyed this aspect of the film. I thought it was explicit but not overbearing.
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The need for a big Summer blockbuster.
Well, they only bumped it from xmas to summer after it was finished (Par had kept TREK clear of summer since TFF in the very competitive summer of 89), so more the need for just some kind of blockbuster.

The way Par looked at TREK clearly changed.

Compare: they threw nearly as much money at 1997's EVENT HORIZON (about 60 mil, though for some reason IMDB has it listed as 50 mil now -- I had a source put it at 75mil at that time, but nothing to back that up) as they did on any of the original TREK TNGfilms, yet there was certainly no guaranteed minimum return on EH like they had with the franchise.

I wonder what changed at Paramount that they finally gave some love and attention to Trek, and decided to roll the dice on rebooting the franchise? Was it the success of other franchises that went through a reboot like Mission Impossible, Batman, James Bond???

Maybe they realized that they had to do something grand in scale to get anyone to see it after Nemesis. And the best way to do that was through a re-boot.
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