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Makes me wonder if their first pick for the role (Benicio del Toro?), could have pulled it off as well as Cumberbatch did.

I try very hard not to let myself "talk" myself into NOT liking something.

I just go with my first impressions and hang onto them for dear life no matter what I hear or read...

Letting Logic dictate my entertainment choices, usually results in me missing a fun time.
I'm sure del Toro would've been fine too, but I have little reference for Cumberbatch. I did see that brig scene with Kirk and Khan, and it definitely seemed like Cumberbatch way outshined Pine. That image Dennis posted of that scene made me laugh out loud so hard.

I'm not really talking myself into anything though. I remember when Enterprise first aired and there was a whole lot of the same stuff. "What!? It's four days to Qo'noS? The ship looks like the Akira? Blah blah blah." And despite all of that I still managed to love the pilot episode of the show (at the time).
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